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good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. shattered glass damaged buildings and more a thousand people hurt. our health and science editor john fowler here now with documentation of that meteor. >> reporter: we have new video just in. the meteor slammed into russia east of moscow. i want you to take a look at this. it was like many people said a nuclear attack. likely the best documented meteor ever. many russians have dash board cameras to avoid insurance scams. just after 9:00 a.m. it schemed over a city the size of san jose. burning brighter than the winter sun. it left a trail of smoke, then powerful sonic booms.
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[ boom sound ] >> reporter: many said they thought it was a missile or a bomb. officials say blast debris hurt 1200 people. the most ever recorded from a meteor impact. the shock waves severely damaged this factory along with 3000 other buildings. it's estimated 1 million square feet of window glass shattered. scientists say the meteor exploded about 100,000 feet in the air. russian scientists say it was solid iron like this. instead of a few ounces it was 10 tons, the size of a small car. and traveling ten times faster than a rifle bullet. >> coming into the earth's atmosphere so fast that the earth's atmosphere acts like concrete. the thing disintegrates in air. >> reporter: the shock wave arrived at ground maybe a minute later. most of the injuries caused by
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flying glass as people peered out their windows. more than 150 school children were hurt. about 50 miles west a chunk of meteor smashed into a lake. the meteor was completely undetected before it hit. it arrived just hours before a close call with a much larger asteroid that had been tracked. nasa officials say the two were unrelated but serve as reminders that our solar system is a dangerous place. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a close encounter of another kind today. the asteroid that was just passing by earth, we'll show it to you and tell you how close it came coming up at 5:30. >> within the last hour we learned new information on the final deadly confrontation between law enforcement and christopher dorner. authorities late this afternoon confirmed that dorner died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he killed himself as police
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pumped tear gas into the cabin he was hiding in. that brought to an end the massive man hunt. dorner is accused of killing four people as part of a revenge campaign after being fired from the longs police department. a frightening hatchet attack. rob roth tells us what happened to the two people inside. one of whom was sound asleep when it started. >> reporter: police say two men are recovering in the hospital after being attacked inside their home with a hatchet. 27th street near church is usually quiet, neighbors say. not at about 11:30 last night. >> we had about eight cop cars and we had fire vehicles. >> reporter: police say they're not sure how three men got inside this house but they attacked the 69-year-old owner with a hatchet.
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>> the first victim was asleep in his bed when he was attacked and awoken by two suspects -- or three suspects. they viciously attacked him with a hatchet. >> reporter: another man living there walked into the home and he too was attacked with a hatchet. neighbors saw the man who was attacked in his bed being wheeled into an ambulance. >> he was pretty beat up but he was covered with a sheet so i couldn't ascertain the extent of his injuries. he was in deep shock. >> reporter: police say they're looking for three men and have only the vaguest of descriptions. one wore a mask and they ransacked the house and fled with jewelry. >> it appears both victims will survive their injuries. but again this is something that's very vicious. it's something that's very disturbing. >> reporter: some neighbors say they're shaken up by what happened. especially with the weapon used. >> very scary. especially most of these places don't have bars on their doors and maybe people will start
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thinking about that. >> reporter: some neighbors say they have reason to suspect it's not random. >> it's about lifestyle choices. >> reporter: police say the home was pretty well trashed. they're asking the public for help. if anyone saw or heard anything to please call in. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a suspected car thief is behind bars tonight after leading san francisco police on a wild chase. officers say last night's chase ended with a four car crash at 5th and mission. the incident began when officers spotted a stolen town car. the suspect took off. investigators say the suspect then drove on to the sidewalk near the tenderloin police station whether an officer, fearing for his life, opened fire. the suspect was not hit. the chase finally ended with a crash that involved the stolen car, a cab and two other cars. four people and the suspect all
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suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> bart's police chief calmed on the public to field a teenage couple in connection with the killing of a man. investigators say they're looking for their third and final suspect in this case. 18-year-old jabrie bennett. they want to find his girlfriend who they believe was with bennett at the time of the shooting. police say both are from oakland. >> we really need and would like the public's help in locating these two individual. wanted in connection with the shooting death of an individual. he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> investigators say two groups were engaged in a gun battle which left kenneth seets dead. about a week after the shooting officers arrested a 16-year-old boy and another suspect. they remain in custody. a south bay man accused of storing explosives and making death threats against a san francisco state senator had his
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first court appearance today. robert handa live with the surprise move this man made before the judge. >> reporter: as the search finally winds down here at the suspect's home in santa clara the amount of explosive material and weapons found here made many people all the more curious about the suspect's first appearance in court. appearing timid a shackled everett basham shuffled into court. after clarifying how to pronounce his name tried to address the court. >> okay. thank you, sir. you may be seated. >> reporter: right after basham said before we start other than jenny brent rushed over and after a brief discussion basham sat quietly. he was charged with ten felonies including the alleged threats he made against state
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senator leland yee among other counts. the district attorney's office declined to provide details saying the law enforcement reports have now been sealed by the court. >> i can understand the public's concern in this case, it's an unusual case. however due to the early stage that we're at there's not a lot of information i can give. >> reporter: if convicted basham faces almost 13 years behind bars. basham sat listening intently and neighbors we talked to say they're still puzzled about the quiet guy who kept to himself. >> obviously he's not as nice as he seems. or that his face shows. it's surprising. i think it's pretty sick, pretty sad. >> reporter: basham returns to court february 21st to enter a plea and a bail hearing. coming up at 6 more on the court case and about the search that's about to wrap up at his home. robert handa, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> the woman charged with being an accessory in a deadly home invasion has pleaded not guilty. 22-year-old raven dixon is a prostitute who supplied information about the victim to members of an oakland gang. yesterday a judge combined dixon's case with the case against three men. the men bound him and gagged him with duct tape which is what led to his death. police say a drive by shooting last night may have been gang related. it happened about 10:30 east of interstate 680. investigators say the men were standing on the street when someone opened fire on them from an suv. both men were taken to the hospital. we are told they're going to be okay. coming up at 6, a crime surge in san jose and the one crime in particular that police say has skyrocketed over the past year. >> an outside expert will be investigating the power failure that caused a more than 30
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minute delay during the super bowl. a utah based forensic engineer will perform an analysis. the company says it believes the outage was caused by an electrical relay device. a company official said it's looking into whether the device had a design flaw. giants fans are flocking to spring training. live in scottsdale, arizona. >> reporter: we have ideal weather conditions. we have a gorgeous 12,000 seat stadium and the world series champion giants practiced all morning. how could scottsdale not be a happy place? it's difficult to look ahead when scottsdale stadium reminds you so much of the past. >> it's a great sport. it's so much fun to watch. the guys are obviously really
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hot. the giants are the greatest team in the world. >> reporter: the first home game is saturday the 23rd. but these fans are just happy to seep the players practice. >> it's just nice to be at the ball game and hear the sounds of the ball hitting the glove and bat. love it. >> i unfortunately married an a's fan, but that's just how it goes. can't help who you fall in love with. >> what are you doing here so early. you're working on your man cave? >> that's what i'm doing. >> major league baseball you're blessed to be a part of. then twice blessed to be a part of a team that won the world series in a city as passionate as san francisco. there's a lot of things to be grateful for. >> you're not a giants fan? >> my dad made me be one today. >> reporter: only pitchers and catchers practiced today but
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position players reported. the first full team workout will be tomorrow, exactly one week from their first game here in spring training. we'll hear from two outfielders who were traded for each other just last year. the giants angel pagan and andre torres. that's at 6. reporting live, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the bay area's japanese- american community is getting ready to commemorate this year's day of remembrance marking the world war ii internment. some of the last remaining survivors of the internment camps talked about their experience and about the commemoration that marks the anniversary of the day president roosevelt signed the order. >> the order threatened that if we refused to comply that it would be a violation of the
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espionage act and we would face 20 years in prison. $10,000 fine or both. >> this years marks the 25th anniversary of president reagan signing the civil rights act of 1988 apologizing to the inter knees and paying them reparations. >> the fallout begins. what happens next after that crippled cruise ship returns to land and what it could mean for future travel on the high seas. >> back here, another warm day around here. we saw temperatures in the mid60s in some places. your weekend just around the corner. how warm is it going to get on saturday?
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highway patrol officers say they deployed spike strips to stop a suspect who led officers on a high speed chase. it ended with a crash in martinez. investigators say the chase began in vallejo and that the suspect hit speeds of up to 110
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miles an hour on highway 4 before his car slammed into a light pole. the driver tried to run off after the crash but officers were able to arrest him. a female passenger in the car suffered minor injuries. the nightmare is finally over for the thousands of people on board that crippled cruise liner that was stranded for days in the gulf of mexico. the carnival triumphs pulled into port last night and it took passengers several hours to disembark. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire that knocked out power to the ship. it was taken to a repair facility this afternoon. some of the passengers had even more bad luck while trying to get home. a chartered bus like that one heading from the port in mobile to los angeles broke down on a highway early this morning. passengers were stranded for more than an hour before another bus finally picked them up and got them to their destination. >> some in congress are now
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calling for an investigation into the cruise ship industry. john rockefeller sent a letter asking the coast guard for a review of the triumph incident and other similar ones. congress also wants the coast guard to report how much money it's spent responding to the disabled ships. >> we have to make sure that our cruise ships are safe, that they're navigating through safe waters, and i think an oversight here would be beneficial. we thank god nobody lost their life. >> today a passenger from the triumph filed a lawsuit citing horrifying conditions. she's seeking unspecified damage saying she feared for her life. carnival has yet to respond to the lawsuit. many other passengers on the triumph may be thinking about suing because of what they went through. ktvu consumer editor explains why it'll be an uphill battle.
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>> reporter: the carnival ceo went to apologize to passengers. when it comes to compensation, carnival has the upper hand. >> you have this contract that just takes away all their rights that the passengers who never read this agreed to it when they clicked and bought their cruise. >> reporter: carnival is offering to refund each passenger's cruise price, an additional $500 and a voucher for another similarlyly priced cruise. >> in part because they're a lightly regulated industry, the cruise lines when it comes to u.s. regulations. >> reporter: in fact, if the ship sank property damage is limited to $100 per room and a death is limited to just $60,000. >> we're not compensated for trauma, emotional distress, the breach of the criminal. all of this type of stuff they have contracted away and said i will not be part of a class action suit. i will not go to trial.
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i will have it arbitrated. >> reporter: how does this play with visitors? >> i don't think there's a good enough deal for me to want to be on a cruise ship. >> i was already discouraged. so absolutely no. >> reporter: one woman was more forgiving. >> you hear a lot about it but it's not like every other cruise ship. >> reporter: in perspective complete fiascoes such as this are relatively rare. >> one of the trapped passengers made it home to northern california today. what surprised her when she finally made it back to dry land. >> students and teachers are mourning the death of a 14-year- old student who was hit and killed by a car yesterday afternoon. police say hasanti white was crossing the street about 6:45 when the car hit her. police gathered to bring
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flowers. witnesses say the driver stopped right away to help the girl. >> the guy was very remorseful. my prayers go out to him as well. he was here. i thought he was the father. he was losing it so bad. i'm like are you the father? >> police say alcohol and excessive speed do not appear to be factors and there's no word on whether the driver will face charges. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the 2000 killing of a veteran police officer. henry albert smith jr. is accused of gunning down officer james capoot. today smith reentered a plea of not guilty to murder and denied several special six that would subject him to capital punishment. the district attorney's office says a trial date will be set in may. >> closing one of the campuses in santa cruz. its campus on fredericks street will be shut down by the end of
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the year. officials say they'll be working with employees to put them in other open positions. dignity health operates more than 40 hospitals and care centers in california, arizona and nevada. >> we're talking about our weather now. what an amazing day. starting to see the trees blooming. >> what's going to happen here, we have blooms showing up. it's going to cool down big time as we go into next week. there's rain in the forecast. there's rain in the five day. it'll get chilly. the blossoms are going to be in some trouble here when we get towards tuesday. but not today. look at outside. a 75, 75 in oakland. that's huge. 72 in santa rosa. these are the highs from today. 68 in livermore and 72 in san jose. really nice. record heat yesterday. record warmth yesterday. today another warm day with temperatures well above the average. things are changing around though. here's the deal. the weekend is coming. things are going to change towards the end of the weekend.
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we'll get to that. this area out here, this system is going to be enough to break down this really nice strong ridge of high pressure that's kept us dry. it's dropped our rainfall average into the 80%-- 69 right now in san francisco. that's pretty warm. a beautiful mild evening tonight. temperatures will drop down tonight. they'll get into the mid30s. might see a little frost. the concern here is rain. we have rain in the forecast. it shows up in the five day. percents of average. it is amazing we have not had anything in terms of rain really for january or february. in santa rosa based on rainfall still at 96% of average. that's how much rain we got in
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december. that is amazing. san jose down to 83%. as we go into the next few days things change around. the clouds start to increase. temperatures are going to plummet. as much as 20 degrees in some places. we'll have the five day forecast. i'll show you the rain that's going to help these percents of average. we'll go to the saturday, sunday forecast and i'll show you which day will be the warmest. >> thank you, bill. it's time to pay up. a north bay gun buyback was so successful it ran out of money. today officials made good. just how much they ended up paying. >> olympic athlete oscar pistorius started sobbing uncontrollably in court today after being charged with murder. the three words the judge said to him to try to calm him down.
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today president obama honored the six adults killed in the newtown shooting massacre with the presidential citizens medal. the president presented the medal to the family members of the six educators. he read their names one by one saying they gave their lives to protect the children in their care. today's ceremony honored 12 other americans. >> in marin county dozens of people lined up to redeem vouchers. the vouchers were issued after most of the sun allocated for the buy back ran out. the district attorney tells us when all the vouchers are
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redeemed the county will have paid out more than $100,000. >> we're very thankful to our community here that's willing to recognize that there are perhaps too many firearms that aren't needed in homes and we've got those now out of the homes and hopefully off our streets. >> authorities paid $200 for semiautomatic and long guns and $100 for other guns. the money comes from the county's safety net fund along with contributions. the city council in oakley has voted to ban the sale in residential areas. the city still has an ordnance prohibiting residential sales of firearms. >> in south africa the olympic athlete known as the blade runner broke down in court after prosecutors charged him with premeditated murder. at one point oscar pistorius
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was sobbing uncontrollably. the judge even told him to take it easy. pistorius is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend. he made history at last year's olympics when he became the first double amputee to compete in a track event. >> brentwood police, the story of a possible connection between 25 burglaries and the theft of more than a dozen law enforcement weapons. >> we'll show you the biggest asteroid to come closest to earth and what astronomers say about the space rock which you come to the science center to see a bit closer tonight. ú#çñçñ
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brentwood police swarm across city lines into antioch. the one crime they solve. the other crimes that are still under investigation. the other crimes are burglaries. a string of homes have been robbed, some owned by police officers. and that investigation has now sparked another. mike mibach live with the details on all of this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. detectives were digging away. they stumbled on pretty good lead. next thing you know they were jumping in their patrol cars and taking the investigation from here in brentwood right into the city of antioch. hands behind the backs, evidence in plastic bags, investigators digging for clues. >> i can tell you now there's quite a bit of evidence we need to go through. >> reporter: this on the 5100 block of ebett is. >> the neighbors have felt intimidated. there have been reports from neighbors that they've seen drug deals. >> reporter: the home is in antioch but it was brentwood pd
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that was on scene and here is why. >> conduct a search warrant associated with an identity threat investigation based on a name that was revealed during the course of our burglary investigations. >> reporter: we first brought you the story on wednesday of 25 residential burglaries in the last month. three of the cases, more than a dozen firearms have been ripped off from the homes of law enforcement officials. >> we came one a particular individual who in this case was a female that led us to this location. >> reporter: sergeant says three people at the location were arrested on charges tied to identity theft. at this point he says there is no evidence that shows they are connected to those 25 burglar rays. if you know anything about the break ins, give police a call. >> speed may have been a factor in the death of a man who crashed into a fire hydrant last night.
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21-year-old jose gomez died after the car he was driving crashed. no one else was injured. police are investigating this crash and it's still unknown if drugs or alcohol were involved. in what you may consider a silicon valley move, low al toe's police chief is conducting a ride along today via twitter. he's been sending out tweets describing his day on patrol. he said the virtual ride along has two purposes. to get people inside as to how the department works and to let them know about the presence on social media. >> a house committee held hearings on proposals to regulate the use of drones. civilians might use drones to violate privacy rights. >> one of the things that we keep in mind is no matter what kind of technology is out there for good, there will be some
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who will find a way to misuse that technology. >> several members of congress have introduced bills to regulate the use of drones. analysts say it's unclear which government agency would be in charge. >> just before noon today an asteroid the size of a football field whizzed by planet earth. the biggest space rock ever to come so close to us. jade hernandez live at the science center in oakland to explain why there was never any danger. still a lot of intrigue. >> reporter: astronomers here are fielding questions about this unprecedented asteroid hurling close to earth. experts say it's far enough away to keep us safe and still close enough to spark curiosity. 17,000miles away, asteroid 2012 asteroid raced past. >> it takes things like this for us to see how much is out there. >> reporter: in oakland at the
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science and space center, astronomer ben burris explained the asteroid would be visible here, but not to the naked eye after the sun goes down. >> it's a reminder that as some have said the earth is orbiting the sun in a cosmic shooting gallery. >> reporter: nasa's video of the 150-foot wide space rock. think of this ball as the asteroid. think of this as earth. this rim represents the stationary at lites. this asteroid is squeezing through, narrowly missing our planet. the difference between the satellite and the asteroid, a mere 500,000 miles. the astronomer says there's a lot of material flying around, just not usually coming this close to earth. >> there's a set of these as and comets that do occasionally pass close to the earth. we keep close track on those.
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so that we can maybe predict when one might some day hit the earth. >> reporter: without any big ones predicted to hit any time soon, question all breathe a sigh of relief. and nasa is working on launching a rocket with a goal of taking samples from asteroids. as for visitors here tonight, they can come and use the observatory for free. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> gas prices right now are higher than they have ever been before a presidents day weekend. right now the national average is $3.64. in california the price is $4.10. aaa says prices will keep rising. >> there's a lot of possibility of prices to go to $4 a gallon or higher. any issue with the refinery process could result in some
5:37 pm
serious problems for motorists. >> now this comes after the government boosted its yearly projection for gas prices. the u.s. energy department says drivers will pay a year long average of $3.55. that's up $.11 from the estimate. gas is $4.07 a gallon in san francisco. in oakland drivers are paying an average of $3.99. >> facebook admitted it was the victim of a hacking attack. last month a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website that downloaded malware on to company laptops. it was caused bay flaw. facebook officials say there's no evidence user data was compromised. despite earning more than $1 billion last year, facebook didn't have to pay federal or state income tax.
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the social network received a tax refund. it all came from a single tax deduction, executive stock options. that tax break reduced the federal and state income taxes by more than $1 million. the dow rose 8 points. nasdaq fell 6.5. >> the bay area is known for being friendly to the gay community. when it comes to percentage of population the bay area actually isn't at the top of the list. find out which area is. >> there is a catch. warren buffet was leading a group buying heinz, the deal comes under fire. why the government is now investigating it.
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federal authorities are alleging possible insider trading ahead of the heinz acquisition. warren buffet and a brazilian company are buying heinz. the day before the deal was announced a swiss account was used for trades that netted $1.7 million in gains. the sec says that traders must have had insider information but they don't allege any wrong doing by heinz or its new owners. >> soldiers sent to afghanistan next year may see their
5:42 pm
deployments extended because of budget cuts. army chief of staff says the military will be able to fund training and operations for combat units currently in afghanistan and those deploying in the summer and fall. he says there will be delays in training soldiers set to deploy in 2014. he says if he can't make up the delays he'll have to extend deployments or send forces that aren't ready. officials in washington are taking aim at long lines at the poll. on election day last november some people in florida reported waiting six to seven hours to vote. this week the president created a commission to recommend improvements at the polls. but critics say it should be local and state governments that resolve long lines on election day. >> that's completely within the power of local officials. and you don't need a national commission to tell them how to fix that problem. >> a new study shows the average wait to vote for most americans was 14 minutes. a new york times survey says the average california voter waitedless than 6 minutes.
5:43 pm
>> washington, d.c. has the most -- lgbt individuals in the nation. the lowest percent able of adults who identify as part of the lgbt community is in north dakota with 1.7%. the nationwide average is 3.5% and according to the poll california stands at 4%. >> when you drop off your child at day care you trust the people at the facility; right? next in a special report, what we learned about the state requirements for day care facilities that may surprise you. >> back here in just 10 minutes. it's warming up. temperatures in the mid70s today. how warm for your bay area weekend? i'll have the specifics. hello?
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child care facilities a-- it may surprise you centers aren't licensed. what's more the state says they don't need to be. in tonight's special report, what parents need to know before dropping their children off. 4-year-old jack's parents say he carries a scar from what happened at this family gym in sacramento. >> it is heart wrenching. it'll never go away. >> reporter: his father paid extra for the child care center at california family fitness. an hour into his workout one day, a staff member told him his son got a cut.
5:47 pm
>> his face and shirt had blood drenched down it. you could see where the wound was which was above his eye. >> reporter: his father says he couldn't get information on what happened. these pictures show jack after he got 10 stitches. his medical care cost thousands of dollars. now two years later they're still in a legal fight. >> throughout the process there was never any remorse, an apology provided. >> reporter: they went to the department of social services to file a complaint but found the agency doesn't oversee gym day care centers. the state licensing guidelines shows gyms are exempt. that's because the services are only provided to the parents and guardians who are on the same premises as the site of the child day care program. the gym isn't subject to the same regulations. if a parent has a concern about the facility, they can't file a complaint. the president of cal fit says
5:48 pm
members are notified the child care center is not licensed. >> we have it in most of the literature. that's why we require them. there's a set of rules they sign when they join. and that's why they're required to be on the premises. >> reporter: jack's parents say they were never told the child care center wasn't licensed. >> we thought we were paying for and putting our son in a state-of-the-art facility and everything was hunky tory and it was actually quite the opposite. >> reporter: california senator leland yee is chair of the committee which oversees the department. he's calling for an investigation and says there should be complete disclosure. jack's parents say they want to keep this from happening to another child. >> breaking news right now from oakland. a police standoff that's been going on for a couple of hours
5:49 pm
now. tom vacar is there now. >> reporter: i have with me oakland police spokesperson who can tell us what happened and when. >> earlier today about 12:30 there was a person who was a victim of gunshots down in the area of broadway and mcarthur. and thank you to the community we received multiple calls with suspect description and a vehicle associated to the shooting. that led officers immediately to the 6400 block of shaduk. we have our s.w.a.t. team, our hostage negotiation team and moments ago the alameda sheriffs department arrived with their k-9. we've evacuated other residents near the area of the identified residence that we are looking at. >> reporter: and you pulled some people out of there? do you expect others are in there? >> we have detained two people.
5:50 pm
earlier today. one was determined that they're not involved in the shooting that took place earlier. the other person investigators do believe is connected to the shooting. we're treating this as barricaded suspect or suspects armed and dangerous. we have not recovered a weapon from the earlier shooting. >> reporter: and the fact of the matter is you really can't be too careful in a situation like this. >> we can't be too careful. not only for the officers but also for public safety. we want to make sure it's safe for everyone. we're going to take every step that we need to take to make is safe. >> reporter: pretty soon you will have some indication as to what is going to happen. at this point in time it's still in the standoff phase. >> we are treating this as a barricaded suspect, armed and dangerous. we're going to take every precautionary safety measure not only for our officers but for everyone involved. >> reporter: that's officer joe anna watt watson who is the
5:51 pm
spokesperson. we will be standing by and getting more facts as they come up. now back to you. >> blue cross says it still plans to raise rates for policyholders, just not quite as much as it had first proposed. anthem was talking about a 17.9% increase in premiums. in response to pressure from california regulators anthem lowered the increase to 13.8%. that difference totals $54 million for premium payers. >> as we head into the bay area weekend i have a feeling our chief meteorologist bill martin is going to say enjoy it while you can. >> temperatures today are mid70s. temperatures are going to fall off. look at santa cruz today, 80 degrees downtown. that's warm. we had warm temperatures, you could call it hot. it just shows clear conditions.
5:52 pm
clear along the coast. these are the temperatures that are currently existing outside. 69 in santa rosa with 65 in antioch. a really warm day. 66 in half moon bay. upper 60s with a couple of low 70s. weekend is going to be nice. sunday is your coolest day. sunday is still nice. clouds start to come into the forecast. with that we get into some showers that want to return on tuesday. so this high pressure center has brought us all this activity. all this warm activity and dry activity and cold morning activity. as it leaves this low comes in. and by tuesday, well sunday night and tuesday, temperatures start to plummet. we'll see temperatures on tuesday and wednesday in the 50s. overnight lows are going to be chilly as well. we could see low snow levels as this weather sitcom starts to come our way. when they're cold like this, when it's a colder one, not a ton of rain. rain is coming.
5:53 pm
cooler environment. cooler weather. not as much rain as i'd like to see. computer model shows your saturday. that's saturday afternoon. looks great. a few high clouds. perfect day. sunday, almost perfect day. maybe a little fog along the coast. sunday looks good. watch what happens on monday. you see everything change. the flow changes. low pressure starts to swing in. clouds increase. monday night, tuesday we're back into showers. forecast highs for saturday. the weekend looks great. forecast for your bay area weekend looks like temperatures, a lot like today for tomorrow. then cooler on sunday. so open in danville tomorrow. i think sunday you'll be 65, 64. still nice. five day forecast. 69 in redwood city. the five day forecast. chance of rain. tuesday it'll be cooler. enjoy it while it lasts. we're going back to winter in the next 72 hours. >> thank you, bill.
5:54 pm
>> a northern california woman was on that horrible cruise. in three minutes what she says surprised her when she got on dry land. and firefighters have to crawl to safety after that explosion. the two things that added together to cause this scene. q
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wow, that's the sound of a
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home in alabama exploding just as firefighters were moving in to put out a fire. three firefighters were knocked to the ground and had to crawl to safety. investigators say what happened is an oxygen tank caused the explosion after a grease fire started in the home's kitchen. fortunately everyone made it out okay. a sacramento woman is happy to be home after that nightmare trip on carnival triumph cruise ship. she was greeted this morning. she was one of 4200 passengers on board the carnival triumph which docked yesterday. it had been without power and plumbing in the gulf of mexico since sunday due to an engine fire. despite that she says she's surprised by all the attention. >> i don't even think i was expecting it. i should have been. but it's nice. i'm so glad to be home. >> carnival has offered refunds to all of the passengers. >> there is now a dispute over
5:58 pm
the controversial california high speed rail and the travel time it'll take to get from san francisco to los angeles. in a new me moe the rail authority's chief program manager -- local rail group says the calculations aren't realist. the trip will actually take closer to three hours. >> a startling spike in crime in one south bay city. in two minutes we'll break down the biggest increases in crimes and why it's leading police to take extra precautions. >> as has spent $50 million to update the dmv. now the work is being halted. the reason the state says it has no choice but to lose all the money it spent on that project.
5:59 pm

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